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Rivus is unique in Ireland in that it takes an ecosystem approach to environmental engineering. We use innovative, creative design and natural materials to work with nature rather than against it.


To us, truly sustainable solutions are long-term by definition, so our projects are designed with resilience at their core: with proper maintenance, our interventions can stand the test of time for generations to come.


We believe in working with nature to design, engineer and maintain resilient and multifunctional nature based solutions that deliver a variety of ecosystem services, including flood mitigation, carbon sequestration, soil protection, water and air purification, as well as enhanced biodiversity. 


We value integrity, collaboration and accountability in all aspects of our work.


Rivus has been leading the way in providing gold standard nature based solutions for several decades. As  demand for more environmentally sound solutions  are required our goal is to improve awareness and implement nature based solutions in engineering projects nationwide.


Rivus employs an experienced team with an extensive knowledge of aquatic and environmental processes, structures and ecology. We have unrivalled experience within the team which includes environmental engineers, ecologist, and specialists in the fields of fish and habitat conservation. We work with a panel of approved specialist civil engineering contractors throughout Ireland under our direct supervision to deliver our design solutions.


Alan (BSc, NDip, MIFM) is a senior ecologist with 30 years' experience. He has a wide range of expertise in catchment management, ecological engineering and fisheries management.

Senior Ecologist

Jason (BSc, MIFM) is a fisheries and environmental consultant with extensive experience in a broad range of riverine and terrestrial projects. He is a full member of the Institute of Fisheries Management.



Simon (BAgrSc, MCIEEM, MIFM) is a senior ecologist with 25 years' experience. He has worked on wide range of large infrastructure and invasive species management projects. He is a full member of CIEEM.

Usna Keating.jpeg
Senior Ecologist

Usna (BSc, MSc, MRes) is an experienced ecologist, including on-site and at desktop research. Specialities include ornithology, pollination, marine ecology and terrestrial ecology. He has worked on many large infrastructure projects in challenging environments.

billy on island.jpeg

Billy (BSc, MSc (Agr.), H.Dip, Dip Ind., MIBiol, MCIEEM, MIEnvSc. CEnv) has over 20 years' experience of ecological management and consulting, specialising in plant and mammal survey and mitigation.

Bryan Higgins.jpeg
Commercial Manager

Bryan (BComm, MBS Finance, MMII Grad, Dipl. Alternative Investments) runs the commercial side of the business and draws from a wealth of experience gained over 35 years' being involved with businesses engaged in project finance, real estate, renewables, and business advisory.

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