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Solving a japanese knotweed problem for Lidl in Bantry, Co. Cork

During the construction of a new Lidl store in Bantry, Co. Cork, japanese knotweed threatened to derail the project and place massive demands on budgets. Rivus developed a low-cost solution to eradicate the knotweed and put the project back on track.

The Problem

There was a japanese knotweed infestation at the site of a new Lidl store in Bantry, Co. Cork. This invasive plant was located throughout main part of site, which was within a young plantation of deciduous woodland. This problem was compounded by restrictions to the timeframe in which treatments could be performed, and by the lack of available space with which to deal with the contaminated material on site.

Securing contaminated material at a Lidl in Bantry, Co. Cork

Securing contaminated material at a Lidl in Bantry, Co. Cork

The Rivus Solution

Rivus designed a response to deal with the problem in a cost-effective and efficient way. We mapped all of the potential infestations and highlighted where they were on the ground with hazard tape, supervised the construction works and delivered awareness-raising talks and training to the on-site staff.

"We had a major Japanese knotweed problem at a site in Cork.

Rivus provided an innovative solution that enabled us

to complete on time and in the most cost effective way."

- Stephen Nolan, Portfolio Manager, Lidl Ireland

The Result

It had seemed that the only way to solve this problem would be to send contaminated material off-site for treatment at a licenced landfill - an expensive solution. It was our job to avoid that outcome, if at all possible. We designed a solution that avoided those significant financial impacts by disposing of the contaminated material on-site, and highlighted the risk that invasive species presented to sites for the client. We have been asked to investigate future Lidl sites in order to help them screen for this problem earlier in the decision-making process.


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